[ic] ZdNet Review Of Interchange...

BF meinbuch@mein-buch.com
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 15:59:15 -0500 (EST)

David Adams says so nicely :

> There needs to be a distinction made here between what's implemented in
> the construct something demo and what's supported in Interchange.  The
> documentation for the discount tag clearly explains how many different
> types of discounts can be implemented.... so it's unfair to judge us on
> our demo alone.

Ha, so the non-techies are not the only ones who don't read the
docs, right ? :-) 

On top of that it speaks for themselves and proves also that the best and
nicest UIs/demo's is (unfortunately sometimes) supporting  the user's
laziness to read the text based docs for what's under the hood, because
now the application is running and installing itself so smoothly, the demo
is so seductive, that one doesn't need to bother anymore to read
them... until you absolutely have to. Seems to be zd.net didn't have to
and they missed the beef.  

I found the SuSE approach in that regard quite interesting. Their disto
is a breaze to install, so you get your box running and connected in no
time (unfortunately still geared and divided into the dummy desktop
user and not thinking about the dummy small server/administrator
user). They have an idiot proof UI and a little "cute" booklet for
the ones who just want explained the most obvious. Then in addition they
have a very detailed, comprehensive set of handbooks printed, where "the
master mechanics and his apprentice finds everything he needs to know
about the car." 

I just think that even the dummy non-techie enduser will buy a
top software application (even if he doesn't need it and does
use only ten percent of the features offered - analogy, how many
women buy a BMW and never drive more than 55 miles/hour with it ?).
You buy what is under the hood and you buy the top quality service
of the mechanics who can read and understand the docs/source and know 
what to do with such nice car, right ?)

Just don't get really upset. 

> As for the letter grades, I don't see any justification for them.  Where
> does the C in performance come from?  What does it take to get a B in
> capability?  Miracles?

No, a new counting device. They mixed up the lines and made a pregnant
chad in the C slot. Doesn't count. Even the Supreme Court says so, don't
worry :-).

Birgitt Funk