[ic] Request for comments and documentation - multiple server architecture

Dan db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 13:32:10 -0800

You took the words out of my mouth.  A "Interchange+Clustering HOWTO" would
be great.  Because in a few weeks (months maybe) I will have completed the
cluster I'm working on.  Here's the short:

24 1U www/ssl/ic (UNI P3-800/1GB RAM/IDE hdd)
2  2U load balancer/firewall/vpn (UNI zeon/256 RAM/ RAID-1 on SCSI for a
little HA), the second is for failover.
1 master database server: 4U 8-way zeons with 4-16GB RAM,  (read / write
0-6 slave database servers: 4U 4-way zeons with 2gb ram (read only

All this on open source software only.  (Nothing but the best :-)
Load balancing done by http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org
Database clustering done by http://www.erserver.com (which wont be open
source for another few weeks).

I haven't yet dealt with the issues that would be required, such as: "How do
I set up IC for the least amount of write-lock contention", etc. and "What's
better, NFS, Coda, or something else?"  Etc.  Or, "How to I get IC to use
the database for every thing it read/writes, so I don't need any text files
at all"

I hope there is a lot of discussion on this (I haven't read the rest of the
thread yet).

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> Hello all -
> With regards to load-sharing strategies for high-traffic sites running
> Interchange: I have scanned the current docs, and searched the mail
> archives with terms like "multiple server", "load sharing", etc.  There is
> a smattering of info on this subject, but given the history and maturity
> Interchange, I think more information on the topic is justified, so I am
> herein submitting a request for the development of some formal
> documentation on multiple-server architectures for Interchange.
> This may not be the prescribed forum for a documentation request...but I
> could not find a specific directive for that at akopia.com, so here we
> are.  Also, I would hope that anyone on this list who has successfully set
> up an efficient dual- or multi-server Minivend or Interchange system would
> be willing to share some specific technical how-to's.
> One approach I did find in the archives is to run Interchange and the http
> server on one machine, and the database server on the second - this seems
> relatively straight forward, and I would guess that the performance gains
> could be significant on data- and search-intensive sites.  One idea I had,
> in the case of graphic-intensive sites, would be to establish a separate
> image server, geographically separated from the Interchange/web-server, to
> relieve bandwidth bottlenecks.  Yes, images would come from a separate
> IP/Domain than the rest of the site, and this could be an issue with SSL -
> though just those images for the SSL areas could be accessed local to the
> same domain.
> I encourage other listees, and Akopia, to respond to this thread.  My
> interest is not just academic; I have a client who is facing the prospect
> of a multi-server scenario very soon, if they continue growing at their
> present rate.  Let's push the envelope!
> - Ed L.
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