[ic] Row-level export

John Beima jbeima@reality.palb.com
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 11:29:20 -0700 (MST)

G'Day Dan,

> > 4) Had to add my own... If you need it in a seperate table, create a
> dummy
> table
> > with the same columns, then search for your data and store it in the
> other
> table
> > instead of displaying it to the screen. Or hey do both! Then export
> the
> dummy
> > table...
> I like that idea, but if I can go straight from data->text file, then
> I'll
> probably skip the dummy table part.
> I'm also looking at a 5th solution, a PostgreSQL SQL statement ala...
> [query sql="
> "SELECT * FROM products WHERE product_sku = 4 INTO TEMPORARY TABLE
> product_4; COPY product_4 TO '/tmp/product_4.out';
> "]
> enlighten.  Such as "why don't you just do it with a SQL statement and
> leave
> IC out of it?"

Actually there are several reasons NOT to take this approach. First off being 
that it makes your systems Database & Platform dependent... Say your site grows 
and you wish to scale up to MySQL or Oracle, if you use strickly IC, then all 
you do is change the DBI and wala you are up and running. Also you can swicth 
Unix platforms as well, since all the code is platform independent.

Your way, when you upgrade your server, or SQL database you need to re-write 
portions of you site. You may even forget all the places you used it in.

So sorry to say, your way is not pratical, unless you never plan on growing...

I always like to look to the future when I write code...

As one VERY smart man once said.... With Interchange ANYTHING is possible!

John Beima

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