[ic] in stock alert notification

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
06 Nov 2000 22:57:53 -0500

I have been messing around with the inventory levels and "in stock
alert" functionality of the new contruct demo of ic 4.6.0.  I read the
thread about how ic is really not an accounting package and also
doesn't account for sales via fax/phone/email.  With that
understanding, is the "in stock" notification implemented?  It appears
that the only thing it does is send email to the customer telling them
they will be notified in the future.  I can't find where any record of
their interest is stored.  I was hoping to find entries in the
orderline table with status something like 'notify'.  However, I
couldn't find any entries in any of the tables showing that a customer
had asked to be notified when an item's stock was replinished.  Is
this something I have to do to "fill in the blanks"?
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