[ic] Re: Inelegant greeting...

Dave Barr dave.barr@cricinfo.com
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 12:14:48 +0000

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your very quick response.

>dumb question perhaps, but in theory the user should send a cookie
>the _first_ time he enters the shop, so you should be able to take
>that cookie and look into the userdb to find him or her. I didn't
>try this, but how do you come to the conclusion that you only
>have the cookie on the second page access? I guess that you may
>need to do the userdb lookup manually, though... Unfortunately
>I don't grok JavaScript ...

The dox back me up that the cookie will be picked up on the second 
page, that was the first thing I checked (just to be sure :-) and I 
can only do a manual lookup of the table if I have the value of the 
MV_USERNAME cookie. That was why I attempted the JS gludge.

>This stuff should imho be easily done by a [perl] section on the
>title page, but this JavaScript piece should not work since this
>is executed client-side (who has no notion of a userdb in the
>first place).

I agree that the [perl] call would work once the cookie value is 
established but as above I am attempting a call before that value is 
known. Again thanks for the prompt feedback.

Kind rgds