[ic] Error on Search

Victor Nolton ven@pragakhan.com
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 05:11:54 -0400

Did the errorlog says somethign about bad search field code or sku?


>Using a modified version of Barry (ic 4.5.5)
>Have not modified the search code (you know, the search box at the 
>top right of the page)
>All searches work fine, except one so far.  If I try to search for 
>the term 'DK', 'dk', 'DK-' or 'dk-' I get an internal server error. 
>I have products with skus that begin with 'DK-'.  However, if I 
>search for any other sku prefixes, I don't get any errors. 
>Similarly, if I search for just 'd' or 'D' or 'DK-x' (x=some char or 
>int)... you guessed it, no error.  So far I can only replicate this 
>error when searching for 'dk' or 'dk-' (cap or lower case as above).
>Oddly enough, my error log suggests the problem is failure to init 
>cache at ... GDBM.pm
>I am running BSDi, ic 4.5.5, Apache, Perl 5.005_03, mySQL
>have done
>as per Mike's previous instructions (and do so routinely as it is 
>occassionally needed).
>It's not such a big deal as the chances of someone searching for 
>that string are rare.  Just curious why it might be so.
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