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Jeff Case jeff_case@hotmail.com
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 02:39:12 PDT


The pricing table exists, but you will need to modify it (to suit your needs 
based on the attributes that you want to pass to the table).

The name of the attribute that modifies the price (that is, EACH size in the 
tshirt example) must also be a field in the pricing table.  I used S,M,L as 
a simple example.  In the S,M,L example, since only M and L affect the 
price, only M and L need to be field names.  Of course, you could name your 
fields SIZE1, SIZE2, SIZE3... SIZE99.

My working pricing table has approximately 30 field names.

The trick for me was giving the fields meaningful names (as they are 
ultimately represented in the receipt page as "Size: xxxxx") while keeping 
the number of variations to a minimum.

ALT: I am sure there is a way to set up multiple pricing tables.  For 
example, you could have a pricing table for shirts, one for pants, and one 
for shoes.  I just don't know exactly how to do this, as I accomplished what 
I needed with a single table.

In looking at the pages you provided links to, I found a total of 5 size 
variations.  If you consider that the BASE price (the one listed in the 
products catalog) does not need to be modified, you only need 3 fields to 
represent these products (I'll use 5 below anyway).  If the sizing is fairly 
standardized, your table should be manageable.

sku       5.5     7.5     10     12    12.5
Rabbit    +0.00   +1.50

in the products table your items would be represented as such:

sku       price     size
Rabbit    7.50      5.5=5.5",7.5=7.5"

(here, when the user selects 7.5" the price increases by 1.50 to 9.00)

Note: Since your (assorted tafeta) page really offers 7 different items, 
they might best be represented by individual skus.  There is no need for 
pricing modification in that case.

Also, don't forget about the color attribute.  For the rabbit, you should 
use your color field in the products database to allow the user to choose 
between size and color separately, ie.

sku       price      size                 color
Rabbit    7.50       5.5=5.5",7.5=7.5"    YLW=yellow,BRN=brown

You can also use color to distinguish between types, ie. in your assorted 
tafeta animals or in your assorted embroidered pumpkins pages, you can do 
the following:

sku       price      color
ASTPMPKN  8.00       pear=Pear Head,clown=Clown,xeyed=Cross-Eyed


Sorry for the length.

Hope that helps.

>From: "Reid Ivens" <reid@n-visionit.com>
>Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 00:22:03 -0400
>The pricing table, does that already exist, or do I need to create that
>myself?  (I notice there's one already, but is that the one you're talking
>To add some complexity, the attributes used aren't as standard as Small,
>Medium, and Large.  I'm using those attributes to differentiate different
>items in a picture of multiple items and they can be different for 
>"items".  (i.e. Both of these items use the size field, but they aren't
>alike at all:
>The only way around that that I can see is to create a table with fields
>A,B,C,... and associate sizes and differing items to those letters instead
>of using S, M, L, or their SKU. (Like this one:
>Does that make sense?  Are there any other options?

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