[ic] Ok so Im an idiot, but its still broken...[error ] tag

Strider Centaur strider@scifi-fantasy.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 03:34:21 -0400

    Hans,  thanks but that is the same as the example, and like the example
it did nothing.   I guess my question is more specific to a certain page
than to the general use of [error].   The page in question is the
account.html page provided with the construct demo site.  The problem is the
error tests on that page specifically do not work.  Both here locally and on
the online demo at Akopia.  I have been over the code of that page several
times and it all looks good, but yet something is hosing it.

    It would be my guess that others have had the same problem and I would
imagine the guys at akopia would have some interest it resolving it, less
someone get the idea that interchange is buggy.  :-)

Hans-Joachim Leidinger wrote:

> Strider Centaur wrote:
> >
> >     So I read the docs and have pull out much of my already thinning
> > hair.  For the life of me I can not get the [error ] tag to do squat.
> > The funny thing is its not even my code, its the construct demo code.
> > In the page ord/account.html the error checking simply is not working.
> > Can someone please help?  Its hard enough to figure this stuff out when
> > it works, much less when the examples are broken too.  :-)
> >
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> > Strider Centaur
> Try this codes
> ----snipp---------
> [if type=explicit compare="[error all=1 show_var=1 keep=1]"]
> <P>
> [L]There were errors in your last submission[/L].
> [L]They are shown in <FONT COLOR="RED">this color</FONT> below[/L].
> <P>
> [seti dummyerror][error all=1 show_var=1 keep=1 show_error=1][/seti]
> [/if]
> The error was: [scratch dummyerror]
> ----snipp---------
> to get any any error message and I hope, you will get the picture!
> Joachim
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