[ic] How do I upload thumbnail images?

Ray Collett linux@norwesters.net
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 10:09:41 -0700

At 04:57 AM 10/19/00, you wrote:
>Quoting Ray Collett (ray@norwesters.net):
> > The edit/create item menu has a place for uploading images, but I have not
> > found where to upload the thumbnails.  I've found that the
> > "mv_metadata.asc" lists a meta tag for both the images and the thumbnails,
> > but I can't figure out how to add the meta tag to the edit/create item 
> page.
> >
>The latest in CVS has that mv_metadata entry, and you will want to
>copy those lines from the new construct/products/mv_metadata.asc file
>to make it work as the new demo does. The keys are products::display
>and products::image ; make sure you replace the __MVC_IMAGEDIR__ and
>__MVC_IMAGEURL__ with appropriate values.

These are the keys that I found in the mv_metadata.asc.  I already have the 
products::display and products::image in the mv_metadata.asc.  But I guess 
I don't understand where I'm to copy these to.  I assume that there is some 
kind of template for the various admin pages, but I can't find them.


BTW, I'm running CVS 4.5.7