[ic] Lost shopping carts content on some browsers?

rmdesjardins@dfwmicrotech.com rmdesjardins@dfwmicrotech.com
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 14:16:48 -0500

I have found a problem that doesn't seem to occur all the time.  As a matter
of fact I have been unable to re-create but customers and my client who use
AOL seem to have a problem with "No Items in the Shopping Cart"  (Not sure
if the problem relates to AOL or just cookies being written to both the SSL
and Non SSL side.

I am using Interchange version 4.5.5, running
http://mycustomerdomain.com/cgi-bin/catalog for standard shopping, then at
checkout I use a different domain for ssl.
https://secure.mydomain/mycustomer-cgi/catalog.  This seems to work fine in
most cases.

The problem starts when a customer chooses a product then goes to checkout
(this passes to SSL at this point).  Interchange then brings them back to
the same checkout screen.  They hit checkout again and they are hit will the
"No Items in the Shopping Cart".   Ouch!! that hurts :-(

I have read most of the mail threads last night pertaining to this problem
but have been unable to find a solid solution.  I realize that the session
ID is being dropped with certain browsers after making the switch to SSL but
am unable to isolate.   MS IE 5.0 works fine as well as Netscape when I try.

I did read Mike's thread answering anothing user on making all session id's
write to SSL by adding the sercure=1 in the <A HREF="[area order [item-code]
secure=1]">  __CART_TEXT__  <IMG SRC="__CART_IMAGE__" BORDER=0></A>  This
did not seem to help as a matter of fact my browser started dropping the
cart content after making these changes.  (Maybe I am missing something with
this solution?)  I also tried setting the Mall setting in Minivend.cfg to
Yes.  The problem is still arising on my clients machines as well as a
customer that has nicely enough volenteered to be the guinne pig will I sort
the problem out.