[ic] Interchange 4.5.5 and Authorize.net 3.0 Working!!!!

Desjardins, Ray Desjardins.Ray@Con-Way.com
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 07:44:50 -0700

Thanks for your help.  Got the Authorize.Net ADC direct interface working
with Interchange 4.5.5.  I am working on changing it to allow more extensive
AVS checking.  Most of my problems ended up being the white space that
somehow got addeded to the #include at the end of the >>EOS tags.  Darn if
they aren't picky.  I do see why though.

Again thanks for the routine. 


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"Desjardins, Ray" wrote:
> I do have access to ADC on Authorize.Net.  Where can I find the code and
> changes you made.  I must be looking at something very old.  My current
> patches use Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet.  If you will point me
> the right direction I'll give your new 4.X version a try with Interchange
> and possiby make the appropriate changes.


  Attached is the module I wrote. It includes a bit of documenation
inside of it. It's currently working for me. :) 

   I have it /usr/local/mvend/globalsubs

and I must have a line in minivend.cfg to include the globalsubs


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