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Robert Trembath robert@ishoptech.com
Sun, 1 Apr 2001 07:30:23 -0500

Thanks for replying Dan. I've answered your question below. This was more of
an upgrade from 4.6.3 to 4.6.4 as we took an identical server running RH 7,
Apache, MySQL, Interchange 4.6.3 and moved it into our DMZ from the private
network. We also applied the update to 4.6.4. Everything was working
perfectly until we moved it and updated the software. This same thing
happened when I upgraded from 4.6.1 to 4.6.3 last month and I can't remember
how I fixed it.

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> At 04:35 PM 3/31/2001 -0600, you wrote:
> >Mike or Anybody,
> >Yesterday I put a request for help regarding moving catalogs to a
> >machine and getting an "undefined catalog" error all of a sudden. No
> >are being generated and interchange starts without errors. But I still
> >"undefined catalog". What is causing this? It is making the connection to
> >MySQL because I generated a new catalog using makecat and the tables and
> >data were created in MySQL. This happened after upgrading to 4.6.4 from
> >4.6.3. Please help as I am under a time deadline and was just about
> >finished.
> Robert,
> Sorry, I didn't really get in on your original post.  It looks like this
> pops up whenever there is a 403 error (Access Forbidden).  Which means
> you might have a permissions problem.  Are you sure you have the correct
> user/group settings?  Try running the catalog as the interchange user
> (often 'interch'), if that works then you know perms in your problem.

I'll try that. But best I know it's set at chmod 775 and user webadmin,
group interch with group r/w permissions.

> Or, could it be your http setup?  Can you access regular html and
> cgi-bin?  (Try using a known good cgi-bin program in your cgi-bin

I can access the basic construct demo perfectly.

> Have you checked and re-checked your interchange.cfg, catalog.cfg,
> symlinks, cgi-bin/link, etc. files?  Make sure your interchange.cfg has a
> correct line for your catalog.  I.e.
> Catalog       construct /var/ic/construct /cgi-bin/construct /construct


> By any chance, is the production machine a RAQ?  If so, then pour over the
> mailing list archives for RAQ stuff.  But I think it is permissions.


> HTH,
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