[ic] Still looking for the undefined catalog solution - is it a bug?

Jason Timm jason@itchoices.com
Fri, 6 Apr 2001 14:06:36 -0700

Hello all...

I have installed IC 4.6.4 (rpm) on RH Linux 7.0 (w/Apache).

I am getting the "Undefined catalog" error for any catalogs I make using
makecat.  Strangely, the makecat script reports that the catalog was created
successfully and was added to interchange.cfg.  Upon investigation, I found
that indeed the catalog files were created (and seem to have the same
permissions as the original construct catalog that was there after
installation).  And, the new catalog is added to interchange.cfg just like
the construct entry.

I restart IC and it says that it has loaded the new catalog (as well as the
construct catalog), and that it is running.  However, even though IC seems
to be running fine, I get the Undefined Catalog message when trying to
access the new catalog.  The link script exists and has what looks like the
correct permissions (in fact it must be executing because if I remove it I
get a server error).

Now, the construct catalog seems to work, but when it was built, the server
name was just localhost.localdomain and so none of the links work once the
storefront is displayed (but at least the store comes up).  I have gone into
the construct config files and changed the server name and such and it seems
to mostly work at that point (although the checkout process yields a server
error).  So, I know IC works (at least mostly), but the new catalogs I
create produce the Undefined Catalog error...  Any ideas?