[ic] admin ui on demo keeps logging me out

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Cool, Thanks man. Keep up the hard work. Hrm, maybe someday I'll have a clue
and can help.

Thanks again,

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Quoting Rage-DCA (rage@sohonetworks.cc):
> I have a question that is sort of related. When I login in one IE windows
> the admin console, it logs me off the customer side. Pain in the but since
> I'm trying to test things. Any idea have to give the cookie different IDs
> is that even the problem?

The best current way is to use Netscape for one and IE for the other.

That being said, I am working on a solution for this for 4.7 -- not so
much for that scenario, which is only proper, but for an "assume_identity"
mode that would be useful for entering orders and performing user cron
operations. Something like root doing "su username" for UNIX.

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