[ic] survey of purchase ratios

Greg Gaskill g.gaskill@aboron.com
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 13:47:25 -0500

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Subject: [ic] survey of purchase ratios

> I'm just curious, this is my first real on-line catalog experience.
> I've been up for two months taking orders.  We have a pretty good
> product selection and our products are fairly well suited to 'net
> selling.  So far I'm getting 0.62% of my visits turning into
> purchases.   Also, I'm getting only about 11% of the products put in
> carts turning into sales.

This seems on the low side, but still acceptable.  I personnally run 2
(since I had to set something up to show prospective clients what I can do).
The less popular, adult type products content shop gets about 1 in 100
unique users who actually buy something.  The more popular dollhouse
 miniatures site gets about 1 in 50 unique users who order something.  As
far as items in shopping carts that aren't purchased, I haven't got a clue
This is because our new interchange-driven sites aren't live yet and the old
system doesn't keep those kind of stats.

> How typical is this?  Should I be concerned with how low these numbers
> are?
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