[ic] Inventory adjustment questions

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
03 Jan 2001 10:42:40 -0500

Steve Freitas <sflist@ihonk.com> writes:

> >There isn't really any code to handle this.  You can search the
> >archives on in-stock or something.  I have developed something that is
> >fairly rudimentary.  As soon as I can, I will post a link to a patch
> >for the construct demo.
> Great, thanks! I think Akopia should add this function to its todo list 
> -- incomplete functions are almost as bad as bugs.

If you look in the archives, you'll see Mike only added what he did
under protest.  He has valid concerns about how to keep the inventory
levels accurate.  IC is catalog software.  Inventory control is a
whole other issue that he doesn't want to breach.

> how would it know whether to use /usr/bin/sendmail or
> /usr/local/bin/qmail?

The MTA is always up and running as a daemon.  By the nature of MTAs,
you can only have one running at a time.  So, when an application
wants to send mail it connects to the running MTA through a well known
interface.  The MTA is started up usually at boot time.  Depending on
your box, the bootup scripts are either located in /etc,
/etc/rc.d/init.d, or just /etc/init.d.
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