[ic] new tutorial problem?

Andy Higgins andy@higgins.net
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 19:10:55 +1100

Solution - error checking for daytime telephone field is not displayed.

I had what I believe is exactly the same problem. I also initially thought
it was to do with the credit card number but it turned out to be the field
for the daytime telephone number. It seems to do some sort of checking that
the characters are valid i.e. all digits. I had entered text in this field
and I kept on getting an error but it was not indicating where the error
was. I assume this is a small bug in the error display. Try again making
sure that the telephone field has just digits.

Andy Higgins

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 12:07:22 -0500
From: Mike Heins <mikeh@minivend.com>
To: interchange-users@lists.akopia.com
Subject: Re: [ic] new tutorial problem=3F
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Quoting johny brabo (schurkmaster@yahoo.com):
> hello all,
> first of all: congratulations to akopia for the new
> tutorial. it's really easy to understand, and very
> usefull.
> although I'm experiencing a small problem which I'm
> not able to solve :-(
> Every time I try to checkout after filling in all the
> forms in checkout.html, I always go to needfield.html.
> This says I forgot some important fields, but it
> doesn't say which as it should.
> Problem is I did fill in all the forms.
> I allready checked all the spelling of the checkout
> pages (even copy-paste from the tutorial), tried
> removing all the "required"'s in profiles.order,
> upgraded to the newest interchange 4.6.2,... but I
> never get it to receipt.html
> What could be my problem=3F My construct demo-catalog
> works fine. I'm using redhat 7.
> thank you very much

When something like this happens, make a page which has just
this in it:


Then access that page.

It should give the value of your session, and you will find
a top-level key in the session information called "errors".
Look at that and see if the information is there.