[ic] interchange 4.6.1 UI manual installation.

Cameron Germein cameron.germein@team.eftel.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:29:09 +0800

I'm currently in the process of building a site from scratch in interchange,
and discovering much to my dismay that there is essentially no documentation
on actually integrating a site with the UI administrative backend.

most of this, i can just hack my way past - i'm down to one last issue
though, and it's got me a little stumped for now.

i'm working on getting the admin section working with a userdb table that
doesn't use the default fields contained within the demo - and of course,
things are breaking. with a bit of field wobbling, i can get it to display
the right users, but i can't edit them through that interface - and it's
because when it goes to the next page, it's trying to build it with
information that doesnt exist in the db, and so therefore 500 errors out.
SO... my question basically is:

if i edit the pages in /interchange/lib/UI/, it's going to change for
everyone, right? well, that's not going to be any good for those clients who
have different userdb fields, is it, as i run multipla catalogs under the
one install :) so, what do we do here, guys? is there a solution to this
one? i'm doing my best as i go along to hack and change stuff to get it
working, but it's tough going without any documentation on how it plugs
together. any assistance on what's possible here would be greatly
appreciated :)