[ic] internationalization/Greek

chrisot chrisot@usa.net
30 Jan 2001 08:15:58 MST

I have been using the minivend - the older versions - for some time now and I
had done the appropriate settings/translation in the locale file gr_GR in
order to support my Greek customers. I've installed the last version of
"interchange" and that's when my headache started!!!!!
1. When I try to do what I was doing in the locale file of the minivend, in
the locale file of the "interchage" and then I start the "interchange" an
error appears in the config file of the catalog in the locale gr_GR line. 
2. Using the admin interface and Greek characters in the description of the
items, e.t.c. the appearance of the description in the html pages in not
correct. Do you think that I will solve this problem if I change the character
code from iso-8859-1 to iso-8859-7 and if yes where should I go to do this
3. Where is the admin interface directory? In the browser it appears that it
should be under /cgi-bin/democat/admin/index.html but the democat directory
doesn't have  a subdirectory admin with index.html file.
4. How can cancel/uninstall a catalog that I don't need?
Thanks for any help

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