[ic] iso-8895-2 character set

klosar18@email.si klosar18@email.si
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 20:05:03 +0200

We're having problems with interchange when trying to
import/export iso-8859-2 character set,when we export
the tables to an xls excel format.The character set
iso8859-2 fails..letters :澹.The item list page in
UI admin pages shows them correctly but when you click
on edit item the edit item page shows them messed
up,plus if you import the xsl files back even the
statically build pages get all messed up and the
characters are written with weird ascii characters that
no text editor can show correctly .So if anyone has any
idea where the problem is please let me know.If it
helps I'll setup another demo store with login and pass
where the problem can be viewed.We can't inport any
products in slovenian language because of this problem.
oh i listed this bug as bug 154 so before anyone starts
asking ,if the browser,OS supports the character set
the answer is yes.That isn't the problem :)
hope you can help