[ic] Server question

Jim jdix@home.com
Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:09:00 -0800

Darn... Thought so. Since I don't have access to root, the server root tha is,
then I'm a tad short on making Interchange work. I have contacted the ISP and
suggested they get busy and install it for their customers.
Thanks Jim for all your help.

Jim D

Jim Balcom wrote:

> > I gather that "usr/loca/..." is the same as "domainname/"
> Nope! It's not the same.
> > perhaps you misunderstood me. I'm setting up a site for a client. It is
> > "www.hisdomainname.com"
> > It has it's own cg-bin area.
> Someone else will correct me if I'm wrong here, but you have to set the
> server up so that it is accessible server wide. (Well, maybe not 'have to',
> but I don't think that you can easily set it up within a users own space.)
> The cgi-bin are comes into play for the users catalogs, and is not set up
> until after you have the server up and running.
> >
> > When I tar'ed the file, it did create everything rather quickly. But, when
> I run
> > "config", I got the following error:
> >
> > ----copy starts-----
> > Found Perl 5.00404 as /usr/local/bin/perl
> Now, HERE is a major problem! You have to have version 5.005 or higher, and
> during the installation of the server, it will go out and get the latest and
> greatest and install it - and for that you need root access.
> -= Jim =-
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