[ic] Recursive Perl Function?

Craig Beasland craig@hotmix.com.au
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 19:03:28 +0800

Hi there,

We would like to add a simple Bulletin Board system to one of our systems.
The simple solution is to add a function which display a line from the
BBtable, calls itself to see if there are any "children" which in turn calls
itself and so on.

Fairly simple to do in Visual Basic my programming language of choice until
recently, but far more difficult in Interchange.  I experimented with a
UserTag, but then the UserTag would need to call itself using an Interchange

Using a simple [loop search...] and a nested [loop prefix search...] I can
get a simple 2 level one going, and presumably I could nest in a third and
fourth level but this seems very inefficient and I must limit the level of

It cant be too different from nesting categories and products with multiple
levels of categorisation, which I have done in a drill-down type approach,
but this time I want to show the results in a single table on a single
eg Message 1	Sender
	Message 1 response	Sender
		Next threaded response	Sender
	Message 1 another response
   Message 2
and so on.

Any ideas on a different/better way to do this.