[ic] Item_option.html upgrade help

Sam Batschelet batschelet at exactasphere.com
Mon Dec 1 21:33:05 EST 2003

> >>>> What happens when you try to hit item_option.html?
> >>>>
> >>>   When i hit it it goes to item_options_old.html
> >>
> >> Is there an OptionsEnable directive that needs to be set?
> >>
> >> - Grant
> I think you might need to copy an etc/after.cfg to your upgraded
> catalog (use makecat with the foundation demo). In mine, there are a
> few lines which might do what you need:
> OptionsEnable option_type
> Replace ProductFiles
> ProductFiles   products variants
> Josh
Good call Josh that did the trick as far as getting the item_option.html to
be used but now other issues seem to plauge me.  First of all the old
options are now unusable and I can't seem to get pass the option selector
screen.  I see that there is work to be done with the variant table and I
have made sure that all of the colums are there for products is there an
easier way to do this?  The main thing here is the upgrade path of these
catalogs mv_metadata obviously doens't take care of it all.  Thanks again

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