[ic] Matrix options inventory -- yet again.

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Fri Dec 5 15:20:29 EST 2003

On Thu, 04 Dec 2003 14:10:55 -0500
Reid Sutherland <reid at vianet.ca> wrote:

> Please CC me as this email address is not on the list.
> Version: 4.9.8
> I've searched the lists and have come to no real conclusion about the 
> state of inventory controls with regards to matrix options.  Here's what 
> I understand: "It doesn't work the way it should.".
> Basically, you can buy things even if there is no stock in the option 
> item.  It will even bring the inventory count below 0 (-5 for example). 
>   This is plain silly in my opinion.  This method confuses would be IC 
> users that are trying to sell clothing, for example.  As they would have 
> multiple sizes, colours, etc., and different inventory for each.
> Sooo, should I stop complaining and patch it myself, or is there 
> something I can do to have it notify/email/complain/etc when a 
> particular option is out of stock?
> I think the current matrix option inventory system should either be 
> disabled or improved.  In it's current state, it makes no sense (to me). 
>   It only adds hope that it functions the same way as the regular item 
> inventory does, which of course, it does not.  And in the end it may 
> give some users a bad taste for IC (and less consulting money for Mike ;))
> Let me know what you think.

Citing WHATSNEW from current CVS:

* Add inventory function back in. Mysteriously removed during the
  Options rewrite.


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