[ic] Using MyODBC to update MySQL tables

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Sun Dec 7 20:23:37 EST 2003

Joshua Lavin <joshua at kingdomdesign.com> writes:

> The new way we're trying is using MyODBC to do updates on the
> products database directly. [snip] I'm wondering if there could be
> any problems with using this method. Say the update fails halfway,
> is products going to be ruined?

Here's my warning: all user input is bad.  I've had problems trying to
facilitate that catalog owner uploading new data because he has a hard
time exporting the .txt files correctly (wrong column names, invalid
data types, DOS carriage returns, etc.)  I don't know what your setup
is; however, I strongly encourage you to validate the data as it comes
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