[ic] New user having trouble getting 5.0.0 running

Don Silvia don at spamisevil.org
Fri Dec 19 13:11:06 EST 2003


I did a manual install of Interchange 5.0.0 that seemed to go fine, but
when I run makecat, I get the following error:

./configure: ./configure: No such file or directory
Couldn't run configure; probably no C compiler.
        Couldn't find the executable file 'vlink'.

        Please give the complete path to the link program.

Link program?

I'm not sure what it's asking for.  I found a file named vlink.pl in
dist/src and tried giving it the path to that file but when I try to run
the demo I get a message in the browser saying the Interchange server is
not running.  The server seems to start ok and ps shows that it's running.

I couldn't find anything in the FAQ that deals with this problem.  RTFM
answere are fine, as long as they come with a pointer to the appropriate


Don Silvia

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