[ic] Losing Cart in SSL

frank frank at goldissue.com
Tue Dec 23 01:32:08 EST 2003


I assume that your secure server is at a different domain than your main 
site. This is not supported by Interchange.

We have the following setting in catalog.cfg:

AlwaysSecure    ord/checkout results login order change_password ord/basket

That means that the transition to the secure server occurs during the 
order process, and the cart is not lost on the way to the checkout page.

In addition we have disabled the "buy now" button on the results.html 
page, as it will not comform in any way that I have tried to rewrite it. 
In other words any attempt to force a order through the secure process 
results in either a bounce to the last  page visited (its in the code) 
or an endless loop for the web server if the next page "nothing"  is 
altered to something more specific.

Mike Heins tells us that all of our cleints should purchase a secure 
certificate - then none of this would be nescessary, and checkout could 
take place on the main site.

Although cheap certificates are now available from www.instantssl.com I 
have discouraged my customers form paying out extra money during the 
first year.

Also I was a bit concerned because each secure certificate requires 
either an additional ip address or port,  etc.

I now realize that I may be building numerous servers to cater for tthe 
demands of succesful stores, and hence the availability of ip addresses 
may not be an issue,

I hope this was relevant to your query,


Frank Reitzenstein.

Tom wrote:

>>>Im losing cart contents in SSL
>>>I put this in interchange.cfg
>>>DomainTail no
>>>IpHead       Yes
>>>and in Catalog.cfg
>>>SessionExpire  10 minutes
>>>   WideOpen       Yes
>>>And still losing contents what else can i try?

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