[ic] Losing Cart in SSL

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Tue Dec 23 01:38:20 EST 2003

> Tom,
> I assume that your secure server is at a different domain than your main
> site. This is not supported by Interchange.
> We have the following setting in catalog.cfg:
> AlwaysSecure    ord/checkout results login order change_password ord/basket
> That means that the transition to the secure server occurs during the
> order process, and the cart is not lost on the way to the checkout page.
> In addition we have disabled the "buy now" button on the results.html
> page, as it will not comform in any way that I have tried to rewrite it.
> In other words any attempt to force a order through the secure process
> results in either a bounce to the last  page visited (its in the code)
> or an endless loop for the web server if the next page "nothing"  is
> altered to something more specific.
> Mike Heins tells us that all of our cleints should purchase a secure
> certificate - then none of this would be nescessary, and checkout could
> take place on the main site.
> Although cheap certificates are now available from www.instantssl.com I
> have discouraged my customers form paying out extra money during the
> first year.
> Also I was a bit concerned because each secure certificate requires
> either an additional ip address or port,
>  etc.
> I now realize that I may be building numerous servers to cater for tthe
> demands of succesful stores, and hence the availability of ip addresses
> may not be an issue,
> I hope this was relevant to your query,
> Regards,
> Frank Reitzenstein.
> Tom wrote:
> >>>Im losing cart contents in SSL
> >>>
> >>>I put this in interchange.cfg
> >>>DomainTail no
> >>>IpHead       Yes
> >>>
> >>>and in Catalog.cfg
> >>>SessionExpire  10 minutes
> >>>   WideOpen       Yes
> >>>
> >>>And still losing contents what else can i try?
> >>>_______________________________________________
> >>>
> >>>

Hey guys.  First don't top post otherwise the natives get restless :)))

If what Frank said doesn't help make sure your images on the
checkout page are secure (i.e. https://).  Funny how this issue
has come up a few times in the last couple of weeks.


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