[ic] CommonAdjust and special pricing

Russell Mann interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Wed Jul 2 20:16:01 EDT 2003

> Dear IC list,
> I'm running IC 4.8.3.  With CommonAdjust, is it possible to use a UserTag
> along side a regular price setup like this:
> PriceField     CommonAdjust
> CommonAdjust   pricing:price_group,q3,q4,q5,q10, ;products:price, ;$
> AutoModifier   pricing:price_group
> AutoModifier   products:gift_cert
> ???
> What I'm trying to accomplish is setting the price field, and quantity
> discount fields, based on a user expiration date, rather than a checkbox
> field like "wholesale."
> Any help would be appreciated.

Dear IC List,

Still trying to find some documentation to help out on this.  All I can find
is the ability to use a single UserTag, with no other CommonAdjust strings
in place.  Apparently all the logic would have to be reproduced in the
UserTag, including this logic:

pricing:price_group,q3,q4,q5,q10, ;products:price, ;$

Are there any instructions available on how to reproduce this logic in a
UserTag at least?  If I could find the documentation, I could figure this
out :)


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