[ic] [if][elsif] question

Himem Inc interchange at himem.net
Sun Jul 6 15:50:35 EDT 2003

I have a search page with a drop down that allows users to search 
different pages (eg search my site, my friends site, or google).  I have 
this form element named 'site'.  I am trying to do something like this 
for the results page:

[if cgi site eq "my friends site"]
    [bounce href="http://friends-site.com/search/?query=[cgi 
[if cgi db eq "google"]
    [bounce href="http://www.google.com/?query=[cgi mv_searchspec]"]

This works fine, however I would rather use an if elsif type form.  But 
when I change the second if to an elsif, it seems to default to google 
unless my friends site is specified, such as it is saying else, but not 
checking the if. Is this correct?  Or am I doing something wrong?


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