[ic] onclick or onMouseOver events with ic [button] tag

Matthew Crosswell matthew at compedge.co.nz
Thu Jul 10 01:11:36 EDT 2003

> Without showing your attempts, there is nothing for us to do,
> I don't think. We don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

I am trying to animate the buttons by swaping out the images on mouseover
and click events & perform simple automations like close windows etc.

> Normally it would be something like;
> 	[button text="Foo button"
> 		extra=|
> 			onClick="scriptfunc(this)"
> 		|
> 	]
> 	    something=something else
> 	[/button]
Ahh, so we use | to delimit text with ""'s in it |.
Do these pipe quoted strings require the newline before and after the

> There is a builtin confirm="are you sure?" option if that is what
> you need...

Yes saw the confirm was documented in the usertag file, thx.

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