[ic] extracting encrypted cc number from order file

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Thu Jul 17 14:33:02 EDT 2003

IC 4.8.3

First of all, dont panic, im not trying to retrieve a decrypted
number or do the decrypting on the server.  However, I would like to be 
able to retrieve the PGP Block from the order file
in the admin so that you dont have to open up ftp in order to
get the card number block for a repeat customer.

Here is what I have so far (please be kind, I really dont know much perl, 
just adapted this from a maillist)

my $order = [file name="orders/[scratch lookup]" interpolate=1];
$cc = (split(/Info\:(.*?)Payment/, $order))[1];
return $cc;

This appears to kind of be working, even if its a stupid way
of doing it.  However, in the error log (since I get NO output)
it is complaining about special characters that need to have
a "\" in front of them that are contained in this string, which
is the whole order file.

I have not found anything like this on the list, and even
though I know it is really a perl question, is anyone willing to give me 
some direction?  All I really want is to
print to the browser the text block including the BEGIN and END lines so 
that you can copy right from there to decrypt
it if you have admin access to that page and of course the passphrase.  I 
am using PGP for windows to decrypt the clipboard.

Thanks a lot!

Aaron Hazelton

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