[ic] extracting encrypted cc number from order file

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Fri Jul 18 12:53:13 EDT 2003

> IC 4.8.3
> First of all, dont panic, im not trying to retrieve a decrypted
> number or do the decrypting on the server.  However, I would like to be
> able to retrieve the PGP Block from the order file
> in the admin so that you dont have to open up ftp in order to
> get the card number block for a repeat customer.
> Here is what I have so far (please be kind, I really dont know much perl,
> just adapted this from a maillist)
> [calc]
> my $order = [file name="orders/[scratch lookup]" interpolate=1];
> $cc = (split(/Info\:(.*?)Payment/, $order))[1];
> return $cc;
> [/calc]
> This appears to kind of be working, even if its a stupid way
> of doing it.  However, in the error log (since I get NO output)
> it is complaining about special characters that need to have
> a "\" in front of them that are contained in this string, which
> is the whole order file.
> I have not found anything like this on the list, and even
> though I know it is really a perl question, is anyone willing to give me
> some direction?  All I really want is to
> print to the browser the text block including the BEGIN and END lines so
> that you can copy right from there to decrypt
> it if you have admin access to that page and of course the passphrase.  I
> am using PGP for windows to decrypt the clipboard.
> Thanks a lot!

I would be tempted to add a field to the transactions table (say cc_details)
to store the encrypted block and then just pull it out of the table when

If you edit the etc/log_transaction file you can add the field in there for
when it writes the order. Something like:

cc_details: [value name=mv_credit_card_info filter=mac]

in amongst the [import table=transactions type=LINE continue=NOTES] tag.


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