[ic] Constant "Undefined catalog" error

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Thu Jul 24 10:46:31 EDT 2003

> Currently running Interchange 4.8.6
> I have installed Interchange 4.8.6 (with a host), which was just
> before the 4.8.7 release.  I am currently in beta test mode before I
> go live with the real store.  Somehow, I seem to keep receiving this
> error message when I access the store:
> Undefined catalog: /~applebit/cgi-bin/cart.cgi
> I then have to log a request or a ticket to restart the Interchange
> server to get my store back up and running.  This is then manually
> executed by the host from within 10 minutes and up to 7 hours.  My
> host ensures me that it is compatible with CPanel X.
> I am just trying to fix a better solution this ongoing problem.  In
> the space of a week, I received this error message 4 times for no
> apparent reason, or no major work on my website.  Luckily for me, mu
> store is in test mode and not live.  Unfortunately, I cannot have
> this ongoing problem if my store is live ie; the store is down by up
> to 7 hours.
> My easy enough questions are:
> 1) What causes this problem?

The Interchange server daemon does not have a Catalog directive entry for
your CGI URL - /~applebit/cgi-bin/cart.cgi - in this case I wonder if there
are multiple Interchange installations, all fighting to be in control, and
not all with your catalog defined! The fact that you are getting the
'Undefined catalog' message says that the Interchange daemon is running.

> 2) Should I upgrade to the latest 4.9.8 which is still a beta
> version?  I read that many people are on this version, so it can't be
> that bad, but will it fix or at least adhere to this problem?  I
> would like to update regardless, as I like the features in 4.9.x over
> 4.8.x...

The version is not the problem here. (We are running IC4.9.8 sites in
production with no problems.)

I would suggest that the problem is with your host, and their ability to
administer and run Interchange.

> 3) If the host is the problem, can someone indicate a host that will
> guarantee that this problem will not arise?

Ahem.. thats one for the interchange-biz list really.

> Any suggestions appreciated!  I am sure someone can shed some light
> on my basic questions, as I believe that Interchange is a great
> product, but not when it goes down automatically.

Automatically! Its not happening automatically, _someone_ (not you) is
_causing_ it.

BTW, ICDEVGROUP don't recommend Interchange in CPanel installations. Please
read this: http://www.icdevgroup.org/i/dev/cpanel.html for an explanation of

best wishes and good luck,


Jonathan Clark
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