[ic] Template nightmare - Help??

AS news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Nov 2 18:26:10 EST 2003

> I am trying to replicate my Pipex provided install of IC on my home
> server. I have installed in 4.8.7 at home and copied the templates
> Pipex.
> I find that when I use the templates on my home system the page is all
> over the place. It uses a lot of tables in tables and the whole format
> is absolutely screwed. The category bar ends up half way down the
> the main html content ends up at the bottom of the page.
> Any idea why this would happen?
> I have copied all the template files and the theme.cfg etc.
> I am not sure what version of IC Pipex are using, I have assumed
> Would a version difference cause this much of difference in template
> handling??

Assuming your IC is pretty much the same as standard, you should ideally
make sure you have everything in your templates directory, including

Particularly, make sure you have templates/<templatename>/regions but
the files in templates/ itself as these are used to build the pages in

I fixed it, I had stupidly not copied all the files, thinking I could
get away without some of them.

All fixed now!


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