[ic] signio decline=0 result gets charged

jefficdg at sudjam.com jefficdg at sudjam.com
Sun Nov 2 16:49:21 EST 2003


I'm having a problem with Verisign/Signio module processing a transaction and 
getting no result from the pfpro binary. I've searched all the past archives, 
found a couple of people who mentioned they had the problem but haven't come 
across any resolutions.

We're really stressing, out of 50 orders a day, lets say we get a bunch 
declined from the verisign fraud filters, then 10 good ones go through.  Out of 
10 we have 5 that are billed and show up as a pending interchange order.  The 
other 5 are is no where land, they show as billed in verisign manager with a 
result of 0, order#, but it's no where to be found in interchange.  I turned on 
debugging and saw the following.

My first problem was I was getting -13 from the PFProAPI, which anoid me, I 
disabled that and used the binary, I thought there was a problem getting the 
result so I rewrote the payment call so it does data on commandline and then 
pipes the result out. I'm still having the same problem.  See sample debug 
output below.

Any suggestions would be helpful, since we are now live with this problem.  


Vend::Payment:debug: signio query: {
  'SHIPTOZIP' => '91205',
  'ORIGID' => '03110300313027609',
  'AMT' => '26.00',
  'STREET' => '520 E. Broadway Ste 202',
  'EMAIL' => 'jeff at sudjam.com',
  'COMMENT1' => undef,
  'PWD' => 'password',
  'COMMENT2' => undef,
  'TRXTYPE' => 'S',
  'USER' => 'domain',
  'EXPDATE' => '0704',
  'PARTNER' => 'VeriSign',
  'ACCT' => '5490xxxxxxxxxxxx',
  'ZIP' => '10471',
  'VENDOR' => '',
  'TENDER' => 'C'

Vend::Payment:debug: signio STDIN call: /usr/bin/pfpro payflow.verisign.com 
443 "SHIPTOZIP=91205&ORIGID=03110300313027609&AMT=26.00&STREET=520 E Broadway 
202&EMAIL=jeff at sudjam.com&COMMENT1=&PWD=password&COMMENT2=&TRXTYPE=S&USER=domain
 60 |
Vend::Payment:debug: signio decline=0 result: 
Vend::Payment:debug: signio decline=0 result: {
  'ICSTATUS' => 'success',
  'MStatus' => 'success',
  'pop.status' => 'success'

Vend::Order:debug: route failed: log
Vend::Order:debug: checking route log for transactions

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