[ic] clustering with nfs - file locking problems with fcntl

Joshua Rusch josh at strongwords.org
Tue Nov 4 18:41:48 EST 2003

Has there ever been a permanent solution to errors such as this:

fnet /fnet/ord/checkout_login.html Runtime error: Could not fcntl_lock file:
Interrupted system call

when using Perl 5.8.1? 

Our perl was built from scratch with no threads.
We're on RedHat 9

One suggestion I've found is to hack the locking function to loop a few
times before giving up.
This is going to be a busy site, and we don't want to implement this
particular hack. We were still able to get the error with only 4 of us
trying to click around the site after experimenting with a few loops.

The only other possible solution I've found was to downgrade to perl 5.6.1
(but this was back when 5.8.0 was current)
Is this the only way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm still trying to get the site I've
been working on launched, and this is the only thing holding us back at this
point. We've already moved sessions over to mysql (thanks dan browning for
having that page up with the instructions for that), and it didn't reduce
the errors we've been getting.

We're using 4.9.8 with SessionFile.pm patched to fix the incorrect
fcntl_lock and fcntl_unlock lines. 



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