[ic] 3rd Posting Problem with Discount

Jack Gates jlgates at morningstarwebservices.net
Thu Nov 6 08:13:25 EST 2003

> i have encountered something strange with the discount,
> i have filled some of the fields in column discountprice with
> prices (which
> are lower than the ones in the column price),
> I would like to show, that a discount is being given for that/those
> particular products,

Have you set your after.cfg with something like this?

Profile default CommonAdjust	pricing:price_group,q2,q5,q10,q25,q100
:sale_price,	;:price,	;$, ==:options
Profile default NonTaxableField
Profile default PriceField 1

CommonAdjust	pricing:price_group,q2,q5,q10,q25,q100	:sale_price,	;:price,
;$, ==:options
PriceField 1

If the experts see something wrong with this please say so. I have mine set
up this way with different q values and it works.

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