[ic] Bugs in item edit?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Nov 11 14:37:02 EST 2003

Quoting Tim Good (draco at edsd.com):
> I forgot to change the subject and include my ver. so I am
> resubmitting.
> version: interchange 4.9.9 perl 5.8 undef threading Redhat
> 8.0
> I wanted to pass bugs on to the developers ... unless they
> are by design?

They are by design, but perhaps not the best default
implementation. In fact, some of these were fixed a
while back, but I suspect you created your catalog with
an earlier version and retain the original metadata settings.

> 1) First of all I am changing the widgets for item edit, in
> admin interface. I would like to change a widget for all
> products but the only way I see to do so is to add an entry
> manually in the mv_metadata table. In the item edit 
> view there is a link to change the widget type for that
> item. When you 
> change the widget settings it adds an entry in the
> mv_metadata table with the 
> product group prepended. I then have to edit the entry and
> remove the product group eg.( Fleetwood::products::new_used
> -> products::new_used ).

This is because of the master entry "View From" which is
set to "prod_group". It is designed to give you different
product editing setups for different types of products.

This is probably not a good idea for the typical catalog, and I
removed this as the default in Foundation some time ago. However,
if you built the catalog with an earlier version it might
still be set.

Just change the "view_from" parameter to blank and all should
be well.

> 2) When I do edit the mv_metadata entry it adds a new entry
> instead of changing 
> the existing one. I then have to delete the original entry.
> Since after clicking 
> on the "ok" button to apply the changes I am then kicked
> back to first page, I have to go back and search for
> original entry to delete it. Seems a little clunky to me?

That is because of the above.

> 3) If I am in the item list view and follow the "Item
> editor" link to customize 
> the view, the settings are not retained. For instance, when
> I change the list of 
> fields to edit and then go in to edit an item the changes
> are not effective. The 
> work-a-round is to edit an item and then click on "Item
> editor" link and then add changes to view. (Q.) Why not just
> have one path to "Item editor" which would work all the
> time?

This is a good point; the thing we need to do is just use
the "products" view.

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