[ic] Changes to 4.9.8 (read before you upgrade)

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Thu Nov 13 05:44:17 EST 2003

I've upgraded Interchange on my server and found (the hard way) some
changes that were made that I didn't find documented anywhere.  Here's
what I found so far.  I'll keep posting as I find more.

1.  [item-sku] and [item-code] tags swapped.  In the email report and
email reciept these no longer mean what they did.  Where the sku is
displayed, I had to change it to [item-code] in the reports.

2.  Authorize.net stops working.  For some reason, authorize.net stopped
working.  It now needs "Require module Vend::Payment::AuthorizeNet" in
the /etc/interchange.cfg.

3.  I costomized a email reciept to include sizes.  That has stopped
working.  I'll let you know what I find.

4.  The traffic stats are moved to a very obscure location.  I can't
find a direct way to get there.  Do this to find them:  Click on Quick
Links at the very top.  Click on Full Menu on the window that pops up.
The click on Traffic stats.

5.  My clients couldn't figure out the "Improved" template edit
screens.  Instead of seeing everything on one screen, you can only see
pieces.  You also have the additional step to Publish it.  Don't forget
to click on the Publish button.

6.  The email the store owner recieves, now has the receipt attached to
the message.  Clicking on the attachment doesn't open the receipt.  I
had to remove the mime attachment tags from the etc/report.

I'll let you know as more potential items come up you may face.


Duane Hinkley
Down Home Web Design, Inc.
(208) 424-0572 Fax(208) 587-0738

duane at downhomewebdesign.com

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