AW: [ic] "We're sorry..." on 4.9.9 (works okay on all previousreleases)

Stephan Becker stephan.becker at
Thu Nov 27 14:01:33 EST 2003

Adrian P Wilkinson wrote:
>I've now tried a completely clean upgrade to 4.9.9 for the second time
and am getting the same results as my first encounted, >namely
everyone's favourite error message:
>     "We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable..."

Stephan Becker wrote:
>Yesterday evening (1900 CET) I installed 4.9.9 fresh and clean (no
update). Right after startup erverything worked fine.
>Today morning I logged in and my server was online as expected. (no one
is using it except me) 
>The server worked fine for some more minutes and then ceased processing
requests for about 5-10 Minutes.
>After that it came back even faster then before ..... ?

The story becomes somewhat weired now.

My Shop seems to hang. With ps -elf | grep interchange I see up to 5 !
Interchange processes running simultaneusly.
After a while this is going down to one. And the server becomes
available again.

It looks like the server is spawning several sub processes slowing down
the server rapidly.
I stopped the whole thing not to bother other customers on that server.

Any Guess what´s going on here ?
(This behavior is new, never had that with 4.9.5 previously)

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