AW: [ic] "We're sorry..." on 4.9.9 (works okay on all previous releases)

Stephan Becker stephan.becker at
Thu Nov 27 09:23:22 EST 2003

Adrian P Wilkinson wrote
>I've now tried a completely clean upgrade to 4.9.9 for the second time
and am getting the same results as my first encounted, >namely
everyone's favourite error message:
>     "We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable..."

Hi all,

Well it looks like Adrian is right at least partly when he suggests
somebody checked in somthing.

Yesterday evening (1900 CET) I installed 4.9.9 fresh and clean (no
Right after startup erverything worked fine.
Today morning I logged in and my server was online as expected. (no one
is using it except me) 
The server worked fine for some more minutes and then ceased processing
requests for about 5-10 Minutes.
After that it came back even faster then before ..... ?

This might be a performance or paging issue with my provider I´m on.
And the message "We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable..."
did not pop up at all.
Maybe it help´s to catch the bug if these symptoms are ringing any bell.


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