AW: [ic] newbie install on SuSE 9.0 problems

Stephan Becker stephan.becker at
Fri Nov 28 09:23:26 EST 2003

Joshep E Glenn wrote:
>I'm trying to install interchange-4.8.7 on SuSE 9.0 Professional. 
># When the above test fails, it may be due to your ISP or some other #
mechanism blocking port 8786.
>Early in the attemped debug I deactivated the firewall, etc and went to

>I've seen a couple of threads about re-installing perl, so I guess I'll

>do that for lack of
>any better ideas.

I´ve running Interchange ontop of SuSE 8.3 and with 9 there might be the
same issues like I had with 8.3.
The main issue here was to rebuild perl entirely ´cause the distribution
contained a thredded version 5.something as far as I remember.
Just deinstalling and installing the older one (4.6.1) looked like no
good idea because most components of SuSE are depending on the default
If the problem is your perl, just download ActiveState Perl 4.6.1
nonthredding and install it within your main interchange account. Tell
/.configure of interchange where it resides and your done (well not that
easy to succeed here but you got the picture, aren´t you ?)

The default Port of interchange is 7786 ('MV'). This port should usually
be free. Maybe the firewall configuration causes some problems as there
were with early version of this SuSE feature. Since 8 I have never had
any problems anymore in this area because as default it is simply
switched off.
And yes, if you use UNIX sockets, there should be no port issue at all
with interchange.
BUT ! Check the permissions of the socket file.

The clue at last was cgi-bin file permissions.
The link file generated by the interchange makecat script comes with
suid bit set.
Well, I´m no unix guru at all and those 's' bits are a lill´ bit of
magic to be.
But after setting the permissions to 755 there were no problems any

For my own sake I always check CGI configuration before I install
anything depending on it.
Sometimes servers are running weired configurations here.
Deploy a sample cgi script (printenv) and check if you can call it as
After you get it running properly you´ll have all the answers in mind
you need while working yourself through makecat´s questionair.
Have fun and good luck
Stephan Becker

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