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Thu Oct 2 01:38:26 EDT 2003

Hello Interchange Developers and others,

>From Mike Heins:  Sat Sep 20 17:26:28 EDT 2003
>I produced an image of a Red Hat 9 perl that is built:
>1. With the standard release 5.8.0 perl core code, no threads or suidperl.
>2. All of Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink (a superset of
Bundle::Interchange) and almost all of the extra modules Red Hat provides in
RPM. (Only two Japanese language modules are not included, because they
would not build.)
>3. Includes /usr/lib/libperl.so so that the release Vim will work properly.
>4. Includes both DBD::mysql and DBD::Pg.
>It works fine for me, though you should use at your own risk. The worst
that could happen is you have to run the uninstall.sh script or otherwise
re-install the stock Perl RPMS.
>Download the tar ball from one of:
>There is a README and a cheesy install.sh script.

When I "use something at my own risk", the worst thing usually happens,
because it was "me" using it at my own risk, instead of someone more
capable.  I'm in the learning stages with Linux (and can see I always will

At my request, near the end of September my server was upgraded from RedHat
7.3 to RedHat 9.0 by a technician at the company from which I lease a
managed dedicated server.  Afterward, Interchange no longer worked.  I've
directed the server admin to these posts, but he has yet to succeed in
getting Interchange functioning.  He has recommended downgrading back to
RedHat 7.3, which I really don't want to do.  I feel that he has been
helpful beyond the scope of his contract with me, and although he has
offered to continue to try to help with this problem, I would like to try to
solve it myself if possible.

Have any alternatives to Mike's RedHat 9 perl image solution been discovered
since that post?  I didn't see reference at redhat.com to Interchange and
RedHat 9.0.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Michael G.

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