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> > Well I guess if I have made a mistake I will find out sooner or
> > later...next time maybe.
> > So how do you tell interchange the new path to perl?
> I would go for changing the Perl-path in bin/interchange. There might also
> be some sort of environment-variable that can be set somewhere...
> René
Hi Guys,
  On a slightly different path but something to look at:  Make sure that
CPAN can install all the modules in Bundle::Interchange and other packages.
I found that a few of the nessisary modules were not installed and unless I
watched the entire process it may seem like they were.  The problem is with
Red Hat 9 and Perl.  I'm sure you have tried this but before you run CPAN
run the commands below, I cannot take credit for this but here is my
findings.  Try it and re run the CPAN commands see if that helps at all.
Also I have found that one of the mySQL perl modules requires that mySQL had
a blank root password to install. (remember to change it back).  Hope you
find this useful.

1) In your ~/.bashrc add the line
export LANG=en_us

2) In /etc/sysconfig/i18n alter it to be

here is a link to the thread it also speaks about problems with the perl



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