[ic] Order procedure

Juergen R. Plasser plasser at hexagon.at
Wed Oct 8 22:54:24 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I need to change some things in the order procedure.

What does happen when someone pushes the "Place Order" button? Or better 
where in the ic code does it happen? (I must be blind ;-))

I need to send an Email to a specified dealer (every customer can select 
his favourite dealer, this works fine already) AND to the customer 
(implemented by default).

The dealer should receive a kind of link to the ic site where he can 
confirm the order (change the order status) and after the order has been 
shipped to set the state of the order to "Shipped".

All I can see is the etc/receipt.html but where is the code that is 
processed before that?

Thank you for your answer!


Jürgen R. Plasser

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