[ic] strange table-editor behaviour..

Rene Hertell interchange-users at hertell.com
Sun Oct 12 16:55:48 EDT 2003

> Rene Hertell <interchange-users at hertell.com> wrote:
> > I just discovered an odd behaviour with the table-editor tag. When
> > hitting cancel instead of ok, it updates the record anyway.. Is there
> > anyone who knows why this happens? I'm using ic 4.9.7.
> >
> Hi René, I doubt anyone will look into that unless you can either
> #1, confirm it happens on the current stable version
>     OR
> #2, confirm it happens on the latest nightly_build.
> Other than that, post your (simplified please) table editor code and maybe
> someone can spot an error in its implementation.

Well, now I have tested my simple code on two different RedHut 7.3 machines,
with both Postgres (7.2.3-5.73 and 7.2.1-5) and MySQL (3.23.58-1.73), stable
(4.8.7) and fresh development versions of ic (with and without foundation),
inside and outside the Admin-UI space. The result is the same. If I edit a
record and press cancel, it updates the record (which it shouldn't do...).

I tried this same code on demo1 at demo.icdevgroup.org, but there this
problem did not occur. I suspect that it could be something that is messed
up with my Perl modules, but on the other hand; then I would probably have
more problems. I'm not quite sure how to check what module-versions my
IC-installations uses, but I'll try to dig that out if I just would know how
to do that :)

This is the code that reproduces my headache..


Best Regards,


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