[ic] required checked checkbox in checkout

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Mon Oct 13 10:27:49 EDT 2003

> From: Jürgen R. Plasser
> Hi all,
> I have some simple question but I can't figure out how to manage it.
> I want the customer (when checking out) to check a checkbox for
> to
> the general terms and conditions which must be checked (required) to
> checkout. I have done some entries in the etc/profiles.order file (as
> described in the docs) but that only works for all other fields (text,
> select, ...) not for checkboxes (?).
> Is there a way to tell the system to check if a checkbox is checked?
> I have tried to use a javascript (what I don't prefer at all) but
> on the place-order-[button]-tag , where I did not know how to
> an onClick javascript (the button tag itself creates an onClick;
> attribute works but then the default onClick is not working):
> [button
> name="mv_click"
> src="__IMAGE_DIR__/__THEME__/placeorder.gif"
> text="Place Order"
> hidetext=1
> form=checkout
> ]
> thanks for help,
> Jürgen

I'd recommend against using javascript, users can turn that off in their

Put the following on your checkout page:

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=policy_agree VALUE=""><INPUT TYPE=checkbox
NAME=policy_agree VALUE=1 style="border-width: 0px; background-color :
#FFFFFF;"> I agree to and understand the policies.

In your profiles.order put the following in the profile section for your
checkout page:

policy_agree=required You must agree to our policies to checkout

Good luck,

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