[ic] Perl Threading

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Tue Oct 14 12:38:05 EDT 2003

"Steve" <icdev at mrlock.com> writes:

> Does anyone know which perl modules cause Perl Threading to be an
> issue when setting up Interchange and Perl on Redhat 9.0?

I did some testing work with IC 4.9.x on debian/untesting (which has a
perl 5.8 with threading compiled).  I think (although I'm not sure)
the problem is really with the DBD::Mysql module or possibly just
DBI.  However, I might be liable to defamation of said modules because
I don't have hard evidence they are the culprits.

I suppose someone needs to isolate which module has threading problems
so that work can be done to resolve this.  I think the firm insistence
that IC not be used with a threaded perl is unrealistic for the long
term.  Forcing shop keepers to recompile their own perl or replace it
with third-party binaries isn't a good solution.  Eventually IC needs
to work with the "out of the box" perl shipped with the leading

I'm not actually going to volunteer to do this testing although I may
get around to doing it.  I could do it.  I'd like to do it.  I think
my plate is pretty full right now though (like most everyone elses is
I'm sure).
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