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Tue Oct 14 13:21:17 EDT 2003

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 11:38:05AM -0400, Doug Alcorn wrote:
> "Steve" <icdev at mrlock.com> writes:
> > Does anyone know which perl modules cause Perl Threading to be an
> > issue when setting up Interchange and Perl on Redhat 9.0?

Server.pm probably.
  select(undef,undef,undef,0.050) until getppid == 1;

needs to be Linux::Pid::getppid==1

Get Linux::Pid at CPAN.


And other instances of getpid and getppid are probably broken as well.
I'm not sure there are any, just got into it this AM.

YMMV, we are still using mv4.03.  It seems to run satisfactorily on
perl5.8.1 debian unstable after I clean up a pile of the regexps.  That
cleanup has already been done in IC4.9.8.  Still that does NOT mean IC
will run.  There may well be other things broken.

> I did some testing work with IC 4.9.x on debian/untesting (which has a
> perl 5.8 with threading compiled).  I think (although I'm not sure)
> the problem is really with the DBD::Mysql module or possibly just
> DBI.  However, I might be liable to defamation of said modules because
> I don't have hard evidence they are the culprits.
> I suppose someone needs to isolate which module has threading problems
> so that work can be done to resolve this.  I think the firm insistence
> that IC not be used with a threaded perl is unrealistic for the long
> term.  Forcing shop keepers to recompile their own perl or replace it
> with third-party binaries isn't a good solution.  Eventually IC needs
> to work with the "out of the box" perl shipped with the leading
> distributions. 

Yes, for my money it is easier to hack minivend/IC than to muck with
the distribution.  If I wanted a separate perl, I'd be running slackware
not debian.  Unless one runs separate production, staging and dev boxes
compiling ones own perl is unrealistic.  We used to compile our own
perl and every upgrade was scary.

> I'm not actually going to volunteer to do this testing although I may
> get around to doing it.  I could do it.  I'd like to do it.  I think
> my plate is pretty full right now though (like most everyone elses is
> I'm sure).
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